Georgian Post against COVID -19

January 8

Postal servants and the postal network have been a key part of emergency responses for hundreds of years. The Postal Service’s substantial assets and capabilities will undoubtedly continue to play a key role in response to COVID-19 and any future challenge for the benefit of people across the country.


During the pandemic period Georgian Post is uniquely positioned to assist its citizens and the State. In response to the outbreak of the virus Georgian Post, as a company with high social responsibility, began to contribute to minimize the spread of the virus.


In the light of worldwide developments caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgian Post, in the shortest timeframe, has adopted the safety measures in accordance with the recommendations of the government and the health organizations. At the same time continued providing services to its citizens, public and private sectors. 



Health and well-being


In order to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19, Georgian Post, as an organization with high social responsibility, organizes the daily disinfection works at the service centres, exchange offices and sorting centres throughout the country.


As a part of required measures to ensure the health and safety of the employees Georgian Post constantly provides the personnel with protective equipment: special disinfectant liquids, gloves, masks and protective shields. Part of the employees started working remotely from home. The working hours at service centres were reduced. In addition, Georgian Post has made all deliveries no-contact left at the addressee’s door. 


The Georgian Post has started cooperation with Georgian Red Cross. The company provided assistance in distributing information leaflets, delivering protective essentials to the quarantine zones. The same items have been delivered to Red Cross' volunteers for further distribution. 


The delivery of medication has the vital importance to ensure that people are as healthy as possible during the pandemic. Georgian Post is expanding almost all state services, delivering essential medical supplies to vulnerable citizens, including those who are isolated at home on the advice of a medical practitioner, people over 70 and people with chronic health conditions. 


In this extremely challenging period, Georgian Post has supported home delivery of blood glucose testers for children and adolescents under the age of 18 with diabetes, who are more likely to have serious complications from COVID-19.


In the framework of the project the company has already provided assistance up to 200,000 citizens who are at the high risk and the company looks forward to continuing to provide safe and reliable delivery of essential medical supplies further. 



 Education - Supporting the continued online education of children during lockdown


In addition, it is worth mentioning that Georgian Post has joined the campaign aimed to support the continued online education of children from socially disadvantaged large families living in Tbilisi and in the region by providing computers and free internet access for 18 months. Being an organization with high social responsibility, Georgian Post has supported the project to ensure delivery to the beneficiaries. 



Modified services


The pandemic also accelerated certain behaviors, like the increased demand for online shopping. To meet the needs of our citizens, Georgian Post has fully adapted the services on the requirements of e-commerce and launched a brand-new product of «Corporate Delivery Service » and « Door to Door Delivery Services», that will help the businesses in Georgia to become more profitable. 



Community cohesion/development 


The Georgian Post’s Campaign «Georgia by Post» that aims to exchange love and stories about unique parts of Georgia, has reached 4 continents and 38 countries of the world.


Within the framework of the campaign, the platform was launched, where foreign country representatives could sign up, record a video and wait for a Georgian hospitality to arrive wrapped and packaged at their doorstep. As a result, our fellow citizens could watch the records, choose a person of their choice and send by parcel a gift from Georgia tailored to one’s interests. 


Despite the Global Pandemic, with this campaign Georgian Post was able to fulfil eager desire and help the relations to become​ tangible.