From Home to Home

With the help of "From Home to Home" service, you can send any type of mailing throughout Georgia without leaving home.

To receive the service, call (32) 2 649 649, our employee will receive your order, on the basis of which the courier will carry out the order, come to your address and ensure that your mailing is delivered to the appropriate addressee.

The service can be used by an adult natural person, as well as any legal entity, regardless of whether it has a contract with the Georgian Post. In addition, the addressee of the mailing can be a natural person, a legal entity and / or any legal formation.

The content of the mailing can be any subject, if its sending / receiving does not contradict the legislation of Georgia, the acts of the Union Postal Union and the rules established by the Georgian Post.


· The maximum weight of the mailing should not exceed 15 kg, and the size should not exceed 1 m X1 m X1 m.

· The value of the mailing is calculated according to its weight.

· The cost of sending the mailing can be paid both by the sender while sending or by the addressee - when the mailing is delivered to him (mailing with pricing).


  Additional services


·          Mailing forwarding service – implies the change of the data of the addressee of the mailing, in particular: name, surname, title (in the case of a legal entity), address, or the addition or subtraction of any data in these fields.

·          Giving out information about the confirmation of the fact of the implementation of postal services - implies, based on the written request of the customer, the provision of information to him in the same manner about the delivered mailing.

·          Personally handed over to the addressee - implies only the delivery of the mailing to the person to whom it is addressed. The mailing may also be delivered to any other person if presents a notarized power of attorney issued by the addressee, which will indicate the addressee's will to hand over such a mailing to the person mentioned in the power of attorney.


Rates for local mailings "from home to home"


Type of Service

Weight (kg)

Price (in GEL)


Up to 3.5kg

5.50 GEL

Between 3.5-10kg

10 GEL

Between 10-15kg

15 GEL



Up to 3.5kg

13.75 GEL

Between 3.5-10kg

25 GEL

Between 10-15kg

37.5 GEL





Type of Additional Service

Price (in GEL)



Personally handed over to the addressee

Cost of sending of the mailing +30% of this cost


Giving out information about the confirmation of the fact of the implementation of postal services (notification)


For natural persons - 5 GEL for period of 1 month or per 5 mailings (documents are delivered to the service center)  

For legal entities - 7.5 GEL – For period of 15 days or per 5 mailings (documents are delivered to the address of the addressee)



Change of the address of the addressee -3 GEL


Change of the identification (Name/Surname or Title) of the addressee – 1 GEL


Non-standard forwarding - 4 GEL


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