Georgian Post signed a memorandum of cooperation with China Post Group

December 3, 2019


Georgian Post signed a memorandum of strategic business cooperation with China Post Group. Within the framework of the Memorandum, the parties agreed to set up a joint committee that will work to develop commercial, technical and marketing directions to improve information technology, automation and transit terms within 5 months. The parties will, within the framework of the aforesaid memorandum, provide staff training and work closely together to improve thepostal technology infrastructure.

China Post Group and the Georgian Post will jointly create opportunities for better and efficient transit postal services. In the framework of the cooperation, a new logistics scheme will be developed using the railway, which will provide transit postal and commercial shipping through Georgia from China to the Caucasus region and Europe.

“China Post Group is a strategic partner for us, so this Memorandum will support our cooperation and give us the opportunity to launch new projects and share their skills in different areas. China Post is one of the leading postal operators in the field of technology innovations; in addition, their extensive experience in e-commerce business is important, which is noteworthy and a priority for us. I think through this cooperation we will offer many interesting innovations to Georgian customers and entrepreneurs,” said Levan Chikvaidze, Director General of Georgian Post.

China Post Group is China's national postal operator. The Group manages postal business, provides universal postal services and conducts commercial activities. China Post Group is one of the largest postal operators in the country with over 80,000 service centers, 20,000 remote computerized post offices and more than 200 sorting centers. The company employs 860 200 workers.

In addition to universal and special postal services, China Post Group provides logistics, e-commerce and financial services covering both domestic and international markets. In 2018, the Group's total revenue was $ 80.5 billion, of which the profit was $ 6.5 billion. In 2018, the China Post Group ranked 113th in the list of the largest companies in the Global 500 compiled by Fortune Publishing Group and ranked second in the world among postal companies by the same company. In addition, the company has been at the top of the list of most profitable postal companies for four consecutive years.

The cooperation between the Georgian Post and the Chinese Post Group will make a significant contribution to strengthen Georgia's economy and, at the same time, help Georgia become a regional hub for logistics and business. It is noteworthy that Georgia is the first country in the region to have a free trade agreement with China. As of 2018, within 9 months, $ 163 million worth of goods have been exported from Georgia to China.