Georgian Post granted with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Audit’s Top-rated Award

November 19, 2019




In September of this year, the international experts audited the Georgian Post with the purpose to assess the e-commerce readiness of postal administrations, accordingly, the compliance of service quality, software, secure mail handling and operational processes with international standards were assessed. As a result of the audit, the Georgian Post received the top-rated assessment in terms of all components.

“This assessment confirms the proper management of the Georgian Post and the hard work of each employee. This is another important recognition of the Georgian Post by the world postal community and we are pleased to receive such a high assessment” – stated Levan Chikvaidze, the Georgian Post Director General.

“It is very interesting for us to keep an eye on the development of Georgian Post. It can be said that the Georgian Post today is an example of how the postal administration should work. They have been able to achieve these results in an incredibly short period of time, and this is truly appreciated. Today, the postal administrations of many advanced countries’ do not have such an organized system as the Georgian Post Office does. Consequently, we asked them to share their experience and knowledge with other postal administrations” declared Maire Lodi the Audit Team Leader.

The project promotes reforms in the postal sector and prepares administrations for new sectoral challenges. The main challenge for the postal sector today is the growing demand for e-commerce. The goal of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) is to render assistance to postal administrations in the challenges they face, at the same time ensure the fulfillment of state obligation to provide universal postal services and create the conditions needed to modernize the postal sector.

In addition, Anna Manjgaladze, the Head of the Georgian Post Quality Management Department, was selected and invited by the European Postal Union UPU and the PostEurop to get involved in an audit expert team that with participation of Anna Manjgaladze will be auditing the Belarusian Post Belposhta this year.

According to Levan Chikvaidze the Georgian Post Director General, the participation of Georgian Post representative in the expert group is a step forward in sharing and using the experience gained for commercial purposes.