The fee rate for the Customs Control of International Incoming Parcels is set and the Rule of Recipient Notification is revised

February 4, 2019

We hereby notify the fee rate for customs control of international incoming parcels shall enter into force from January 3, 2019, the cost of which is determined by 2 (two) GEL. This fee can be paid at the service centers of the Georgian Post Office. Besides, in case of using the additional service of the Georgian Post “Currier Service Parcel delivery to the Recipient’s Address, you will be able to pay the fee along with the payment of additional service fee. 


The international incoming parcels are subject to payment only in case if their content is the goods and sent in a simple or Express/Tracked category of small packages and an air parcel form. The code of such parcels starts with Latin letters U, L, C or the number 03. The above categories of parcels belong to the category of eCommerce-Parcels.


The following types of international incoming parcels are exempt from payment of the fee:


·  Any international incoming parcel, containing no goods;

· Parcel that will be subject to a mandatory customs declaration, in compliance with the applicable legislation of Georgia;

·  Parcel, which is delivered to the Georgian Post and finally to the recipient in a damaged condition;

·  Georgian Post Product the Land Parcel;

· Parcel not accepted by the recipient.


The recipient will receive SMS notification after the parcel is delivered to the Georgian Post for the purpose of delivering the parcels subject to payment to the recipient. The text contains the information on when and where the recipient may receive a parcel.


In the event that the recipient's parcel does not include a mobile phone number, the notification on parcel delivery in the Georgian Post Office shall be placed by the courier in the mail box, and in case the absence of such a box, the notification will be left on the recipient’s doorstep or nearby.


The parcel can be received at the Georgian Post Service Center within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the parcel delivery by the recipient or a person entrusted on the basis of presenting his/her and the recipient’s identity documents (or other identifying documents) and pay the fee.