International Letter-Writing Competition

May 21, 2018

This year there was the 5th International Letter-Writing Competition held in Georgia. Around 300 young people up to 15 years of age participated in the anniversarial contest and 9 best works were chosen among those presented at it: the grand prix – Lana Menteshashvili, I place – Salome Amkoladze, II place – Mariam Machaidze and Nino Gogsadze, II place – Nika Otarashvili and Mariam Giorgadze, the author who became the favorite of Georgian Post – Andria Kikonishvili, Universal Postal Union favorite author – Nino Gobadze and the favorite author of the competition jury – Ana Gogia. The theme selected for the competition was: "Imagine you are a letter travelling through time. What message do you wish to convey to your readers?" The letter written by 12 year old grand prix winner of the competition Lana Menteshashvili “Hello World!” will be sent to Universal Postal Union and involved into the international competition program. It needs to be mentioned here that all the contestants presented very interested works at the contest. Targeted at young people, the International Letter-Writing Competition aims to restore/establish and promote written correspondence among the youth as well as maintaining written communication in the era of modern technologies. The competition was created by Universal Postal Union at Tokyo Congress and has been held systematically since 1971. 192 member countries of Universal Postal Union participate in the competition. The award ceremony of the International Letter-Writing Competition was hosted by the Parliament of Georgia National Library.