New Service Offered by Georgian Post – “Georgian Product to the World”

May 16, 2018

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Georgian Post LLC has presented its new service – an open electronic platform “Georgian Product to the World”. “The new service Georgian Product to the World enables the small enterprisers of Georgia and others to perform delivery of their products placed and sold at the e-shop to any place around the globe. Moreover, this is the service which enables small enterprisers create new jobs and accordingly ensure delivery of their products throughout the world”. – Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Dimitri Kumsishvili was the first to announce this at the presentation. 
Georgian Post offers the manufacturers and producers of products involved in electronic commerce an open electronic platform through which any interested person will be able to have his/her own electronic commerce within the country and export his/her products abroad. Shipment of the products will be ensured by Georgian Post.
Through integration of the electronic platform an open module of transportation will open on the online shop web-page and provide the customer detailed information on the electronic platform costs, terms of the product receiving and the postal item location. The customers will also be able to insure their postal items. 
We are focused at encouraging development of electronic commerce in Georgia and the new service offered by Georgian Post will enanble local enterprisers get involved into this type of commerce, perform online selling of Georgia products and use the “Georgian Product to the World” platform created by us for this purpose through which Georgian Post will provide delivery of their product to buyers in any country. This will facilitate development and growth of Georgian production and at the same time it will be conducive to enhancement of productive, fast and proper development of e-commerce in the whole country. Moreover, it will have a positive impact on technological advancement of the regions of Georgia”. Asserted the Director General of Georgian Post – Levan Chikvaidze.
The new service of Georgian Post has got interested a few Georgian companies. Company Crosty is one of them: “For us, as for a retail product exporter company, it is very important to have flexible logistic instruments. We are very happy that today we have such initiatives advanced by Georgian Post launched toward e-commerce.
The API platform offered by Georgian Post is an effective and easily integrated service offering a multitude of advantages. Together with the platform, Georgian Post also offers a service which is of utmost importance – free of charge export declaration, which means economizing our budgets per every single postal item sent” – the founder of the company Giorgi Mikaia stated.
Georgian Post new service caused great interest by the platform Managing Partner: “Georgian Post has presented to us a very important service today that came very timely as well. The program solution (API) presented to us will enable any online shop owner to deliver his/her products to customers to any place in the world and, of course, within Georgia. The service is very easily implemented by any web-developer as nowadays the complete documentation of the service is available. Our team has a 10-year old experience of creating an online shop in Georgia and we do understand the importance of this service for online shop owners. Our team is starting integration of the service presented by Georgian Post into the platform right as of today so that we ensure that we meet our customers in our ready online shop with a ready service of delivery to any place aroung the globe”, said Aleksandre Tsintsadze.   
Georgian Post represents a leading national postal operator that is mainly involved in providing the consumers with the universal postal services and is distinguished both with its wide range of services and expanded network of service centers. For the time being, Georgian Post operates 82 service centers throughout the country. The company is oriented on using modern technologies that allows it to provide its customers with as fast service as possible.