Letter mail
Prohibited articles list
The  limits of  weight/size for the Letter Mail     
  • PostCard: maximum weight 20g.  maximum size - 240X340mmmaximum thickness – 5mm.
  • Letter: maxsimum weight 250gmaximum size - 240X340mmmaximum thickness: 5mm.
  • Small package: maxsimum weight 2kgmaximum size - 240X340mmmaximum thickness: 50mm.
  • M Bag: maxsimum weight 30kg. maximum height - 80cmmaximum circumference -120cm.
Requered quantity of Customs declarations (CN23): 2
If it’s possible to send insured* Letter Post: No
Maximum insurance coverage: 0
*Insured Letter mail Type of Registered letter, Small package which is insured at cost declared by the sender.
Insured value should not be more than the actual cost of the package content and should not exceed 10 000 GEL.
The  limits of  weight/size for the Parcel: Parcel shall be admitted up to a maximum weight of 20 kilograms.
In addition, Parcel shall not normally exceed 1.05 meters for any one dimension or three meters
for the sum of the length and the greatest circumference measured in a direction other than length.
If it’s possible to send insured* Parcel: No
Maximum insurance coverage: 0

Requered quantity of Customs declarations: 2
*Insured ParcelType of Registered Parcel,  which is insured at cost declared by the sender. Insured value should not be more than the actual cost of the package content and should not exceed 10 000 GEL.
Country doesn’t serve EMS  

Definition of Terms



·        Prohibited items – items whose import into the country is prohibited.    

·        Items admitted conditionally – items whose importation into the country is allowed with the term if a document issued by the relevant authorities of the exporting country is presented.    

·        Items admitted without conditions – items whose import into the country is allowed.    


Detailed information on the HS codes and their titles can be found on the Revenue Service web-page ( or at the following address:


For easy search for a desired item, you can use the “ctrl+F” combination. A search field will appear in the right upper corner where you can write the title of the item. Pressing the “Enter” button will highlight the search word provided by you throughout the text in a different color.


The below information is based upon the official source of Oman 

List of articles prohibited aimports (or itransit) or admitted conditionally to the
Sultanate of Oman
1   Armand ammunition.
2   Toarmand pistolawell aother materials that can easilbe converted into lethaweapons.
3   Bladearmanothematerialdesigneomadsatdisguistheir trunaturanwhiccabuseocon- verted, like knives, swordor another article able to causewounds.
4   Cluband riflewhatever their design, if thidisguises their true nature aclubor rifles.
5   Fireworkand ammunition containing a quantitof explosives.
6   Alcoholibeverageand beer.
7   Radio sets, transmitterand receiveranwirelestelegraphsets.
8   Printematterdrawingsbookscardsprintinplatesmagnetitapesdiscsfilms, CDspornographic toyandollas well aother articleprejudicial to good morals.
9   Annewspapercircularposterbooophotograpcontaininsubjectlikely to incite to thcommissiooviolenacts against the government.
10 Receiptor counterfoilof billawell aanother identical blanor incomplete document.
1Banknoteor counterfeit coin.
12 Cottoosilclotawelaotheclotwitdesignrepresentincoinsbannotessecuritieof thOmagovernment or of other governments.
1Alkindonarcoticsmaterialstooloproductdeclared to bhazardouathe International ConferencoOpiuand
14 Hemp (Cannabis Sativa), the leaves, flowers, seeds, stalkor anpart of thiplant.
15 Crude or refined opium.
16 Chrysanthemums, the leaves, flowers, seeds, stalkor anpart of these plants.
1Another material prohibited aan import by virtue of a laor another decisions, i.e.:
–   gunfounderwater fishing;
–   robots;
–   crude resin;
–   clothing identical to militaruniforms;
–   women'underwear owhicverseof the Koran arwritten;
–   clothing bearing advertising for alcoholibeverages;
–   clothing bearing photographof famoupeople and flagof other countries;
–   footballanballfoothegamebearing thflaothe SultanatoOmanthe KingdooSaudArabior Israeli flags;
–   productbearing Israeli emblemof flags;
–   Omanheaddresbearing a crowandaggeoanotheinscriptiooletter (excepfiguresoanothedesign contrarto the usageand traditionoOman;
–   nylon nets;
–   anything that could undermine Islam;
–   calcium-based medicamentand pharmaceutical preparations;
–   truncheonresembling the official truncheonof police officials;
–   merchandise bearing advertising designed to promote cigarettes;
–   used tyres;
–   tyreand footwear bearing thword "Allah";
–   goodbearing the embleof Nazism;

–   clothing or electrilampowhich are printed the monotheistiprofession of faith or the name of "Allah";
–   willow;
–   fireworks, explosives, (toy) armand pistols for children;
–   the embleof the Sultanate oOman;
–   covers fosparwheelbearinphotographsinscritpionodesigncontrartgootastoincompatiblwitthe usageand customiOman;
–   certain kindof sweetand chewing guin the forof capsules, creaor cigarettes;
–   electronicallguided aircraft and partthereof and training aircraft;
–   the medical solution called Riccules Solution;
–   all ministerial or administrative decisionpromulgated concerning the prohibition of a particular substance or product.
Therarothegoodwhiccomunder a temporarprohibitiobvirtuodecisiontakeby thgovernmentaauthorities, owhose import requireauthorization or compliancwith certainspecififormalities.