Letter mail
Prohibited articles list
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 Weight / size limit admitted:
üPostcard – maximum weight 20g.  maximum size - 240X340mmmaximum thickness – 5mm
üLetter – maxsimum weight 250gmaximum size - 240X340mmmaximum thickness: 5mm.
üSmall packets – maxsimum weight 2kgmaximum size - 240X340mmmaximum thickness: 50mm.
üM bag – maxsimum weight 30kg. maximum height - 80cmmaximum circumference -120cm.
Insured* letters admitted – yes;
Maximum insured value – 2.510 SDR**;
On-line tracking provided – yes;
Payments for inbound items in case, when content is a goods:
ü Customs clearance fee - COMMERCIAL ITEMS RATES: Item value< 22 ‎€ _ no Charges and customs clearance fees;
Item value from 22.1 ‎€  to 1000 ‎€ _ fees from 5,50 ‎€ to 7,50‎ €;
Item value > 1000,00 € _ fees from 11,00 ‎€   to 15,00 €.
Item value<45€ _ no Charges and customs clearance fees;
Item value from45,01€  to 1000,00€ _ fees from 5,50 € to 7,50 €
Item value > 1000,00 € _ fees from 11,00 € to 15,00 €.;
ü Items containing goods are subject to VAT. The exception is a gift sent between individuals, the value of which does not exceed 45 euros;
Numbers of customs declarations required for inbound letter – 2;
Languages in which customs declarations must be completed – French, English;
Delivery charge for small packets exceeding 500 g 
Period of retention for letters – 30 days;
Web site address of postal administration –
*Insured Parcel–Type of Registered Parcel,  which is insured at cost declared by the sender. Insured value should not be more than the actual cost of the package content and should not exceed 10 000 GEL.

**SDR–Monetary unit (Special Drawing Rights) created by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) - The value of the SDR in terms of the US dollar is determined daily based on exchange rates quoted at noon each day in the London market and posted on the IMF’s 

***Custom declaration for letter post is required only in case, when content is a goods.
Weight / size limit admitted:
ü Max weight – 20 kg
ü Max size - 1,05m X 1,05m X 1,05m (or 2m length & greatest circumference);
Insured* parcels admitted – yes;
Maximum insured value - 1633 SDR**;
On-line tracking provided – yes;
Numbers of customs declarations required for inbound parcels – 2;
Languages in which customs declarations must be completed – French, English, Italian;
Payments for inbound parcels:
ü Customs clearance fee - COMMERCIAL ITEMS RATES: Item value< 22 ‎€ _ no Charges and customs clearance fees;
Item value from 22.1 ‎€  to 1000 ‎€ _ fees from 5,50 ‎€ to 7,50‎ €;
Item value > 1000,00 € _ fees from 11,00 ‎€   to 15,00 €.
Item value<45€ _ no Charges and customs clearance fees;
Item value from45,01€  to 1000,00€ _ fees from 5,50 € to 7,50 €
Item value > 1000,00 € _ fees from 11,00 € to 15,00 €.;
ü Items containing goods are subject to VAT. The exception is a gift sent between individuals, the value of which does not exceed 45 euros;
To customers’ address:
ü Free – yes;
ü Paid service – yes;
Period of retention for parcels:
ü Min – 15 days;
ü Max – 1 month;
Web site address of postal administration –
*Insured Parcel–Type of Registered Parcel,  which is insured at cost declared by the sender. Insured value should not be more than the actual cost of the package content and should not exceed 10 000 GEL.
**SDR–Monetary unit (Special Drawing Rights) created by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) - The value of the SDR in terms of the US dollar is determined daily based on exchange rates quoted at noon each day in the London market and posted on the IMF’s 


Weight / size limit admitted:
ü Max weight – 20 kg
ü Max size - 1,05m X 1,05m X 1,05m (or 2m length & greatest circumference);
Maximum insured value:
 for documents: 4000 GEL
 for merchandise: 10 000 GEL
Numbers of customs declarations required for inbound EMS – 1;
Languages in which customs declarations must be completed – English;
Payments for inbound parcels:
ü Customs clearance fee - 7.5 EUR / 15 EUR;
ü Items containing goods are subject to VAT. The exception is a gift sent between individuals, the value of which does not exceed 45 euros;
How many attempts at delivery are made: 2
Period of retention for EMS items: 10 days;
Coverage: entire territory
Days of the week on which EMS items are delivered: 1/2/3/4/5
EMS item delivery to P.O. Box: No
National holidays on which EMS items are not delivered: 1,6 January, 22,25 April, 1 May, 2 June, 15 August, 1 November, 8,25,26 December
Web site address of postal administration –
*SDR–Monetary unit (Special Drawing Rights) created by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) - The value of the SDR in terms of the US dollar is determined daily based on exchange rates quoted at noon each day in the London market and posted on the IMF’s 
The amount of insurance paid by the customer should not exceed the actual value of the contents of the parcel

Definition of Terms



·        Prohibited items – items whose import into the country is prohibited.    

·        Items admitted conditionally – items whose importation into the country is allowed with the term if a document issued by the relevant authorities of the exporting country is presented.    

·        Items admitted without conditions – items whose import into the country is allowed.    


Detailed information on the HS codes and their titles can be found on the Revenue Service web-page ( or at the following address:


For easy search for a desired item, you can use the “ctrl+F” combination. A search field will appear in the right upper corner where you can write the title of the item. Pressing the “Enter” button will highlight the search word provided by you throughout the text in a different color.


The below information is based upon the official source of Italy 


Part I:

List of articles prohibited as imports (or in transit) or admitted conditionally
Section I
Live animals; animal products
Chapter 1
Live animals
Heading         HS Code
■ Prohibited articles
Chapter 2
Meat and edible meat offal
Heading         HS Code
■ Prohibited articles
Chapter 3
Fish and crustaceans, molluscs another aquatic invertebrates
Heading         HS Code
■ Prohibited articles
Chapter 4
Dairy produc e; birds ' e ggs; na tural hone y; e dible produc ts of a nimal origin, not specified or included
Heading         HS Code
■ Prohibited articles
Chapter 5                      Products of animal origin, not elsewhere specified or included
Heading         HS Code           ■ Prohibited articles
Section II                      Vegetable products
Chapter 6                      Live trees anotheplants; bulbs, roots and the like; cut flowers anornamental foliage
Articles admitted conditionally – only if addressed to a company only 2 dispatches per year
Chapter 7                      Edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers
Articles admitted conditionally – only if addressed to a company only 2 dispatches per year
Chapter 8                      Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit or melons
■ Prohibited articles
Chapter 9                      Coffee, tea, maté and spices
Articles admitted conditionally – only if addressed to a company only 2 dispatches per year
Chapter 10                    Cereals
Articles admitted conditionally – only if addressed to a company only 2 dispatches per year
Chapter 11                    Products of the milling industry; malt; starches; inulin; wheat gluten
Articles admitted conditionally – only if addressed to a company only 2 dispatches per year

Chapter 12                    Oil seeds and oleaginous fr uits; miscellaneous grains, seeds a nd fruit; industria l or medicinal plants; straw and fodder
Articles admitted conditionally – only if addressed to a company only 2 dispatches per year
Chapter 13                    Lac; gums, resins anothevegetable saps and extracts
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 14                    Vegetable plaiting materialsvegetable products not elsewhere specified or included
Heading         HS Code           ■ Prohibited articles
14.01-04                          Plants of Abies Mill., Cedrus Traw, Chamaecyparis Spach, Juniperus L., Larix Mill., Picea A. Dietr., Pinus  L.,  Pseudotsuga  Carr.  and  Tsuga  Carr.,  except  for  fruit  and  seeds,  from  non-European countries.
■ Articles admitted conditionally
Plants, plant products and other potential carriers of harmful organisms. See Part II, § 2.2.5.
■ Prohibited articles
Plants of Castanea Mill., and Quercus L., with leaves, except for fruit and seeds, from non-European countries.
Plants of Populus L., with leaves, except for fruit and seeds, from North American countries. Bark of conifers (Coniferales) separated from the trunk, from non-European countries.
Bark of Castanea Mill. separated from the trunk, from third countries.
Bark of Quercus L. (except for Quercus suber L.) separated from the trunk, from North American countries.
Bark of Acer saccharum Marsh. separated from the trunk, from North American countries. Bark of Populus L. separated from the trunk, from countries of the American continent.
Plants of Chaenomeles Lindl., Cydonia Mill., Crataegus L., Malus Mill., Photinia, Ldl., Prunus L., Pyrus L. and Rosa L., intended for planting, except for dormant plants,without leaves, flowers and fruit, from non-European countries.
Tubers of Solanum tuberosum L., tubers and seeds of potatoes, from third countries except Austria and Switzerland.
Plants of the stolonifera species and tubers of Solanus L. or their hybrids, intended for planting, from third countries.
Tubers of Solanum Tuberosum L., from third countries except Austria, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Libyan Jamahiriya, Malta, Morocco, Switzerland, Tunisia and Turkey; except third European countries recognized as free from Clavibacter michiganensis ssp. sepedonicus (Spieckermann anKotthoff).
Plants of the Solanaceae family, intended for planting, from non-European countries.
Soil and soil for cultivation as such, consisting in whole or in part of soil and solid organic substances such as parts of plants, humus, including peat or bark, except for thatconsisting solely of peat, from Turkey, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and third countries not included in continental Europe, except Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Libyan Jamahiriya, Malta, Morocco, Tunisia.
Plants of Vitis L., except for the fruit, from third countries.
Plants of Citrus L., Fortunella Swingle Poncirus Raf., and their hybrids, except for the fruit or seeds, from third countries.
Plants of Phoenix spp., except for the fruit or seeds, from Algeria, Morocco.
Plants of Cydonia Mill., Malus Mill., Prunus L. anPyrus L. and their hybrids, and of Fragraria L. intended  for  planting,  except  seeds,  from  non-European  countries, except  the  Mediterranean countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the mainland States of the United States of America.
Plants of the Graminaceae family, except plants of live grasses of the subfamilies Bambusoideae, Panicoideae and of the genera Cuchloe, Bouteloua Lag., Calamagrostis,Cortaderia, Stapf., Glyceria R. Sr., Hakonechica Mak. ex Honda, Hystrix, Holinia, Phalaris L., Shibataea, Spartina Schreb., Stipa L. anUniola L., intended for planting,except seeds from third countries, except the European and Mediterranean countries.
Fruits of Citrus L., Fortunella Swingle Poncirus Raf., and their hybrids, except Citrus paradisi Macf
Merr., from third countries.

Section III                     Animal or vegetable fats a nd oils a nd the ir c leavage produc ts; pre pared e dible fa ts; a nimal or vegetable waxes
Chapter 15                    (Sole chapter)
■ Prohibited articles
Section IV                     Prepared foodstuffs; bev  erages,  spirits and v  inegar; tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes
Chapter 16                    Preparations of meat, of fish oof crustaceans, molluscs oother aquatic invertebrates
■ Prohibited articles
Chapter 17                    Sugars and sugar confectionery
■ Prohibited articles
Chapter 18                    Cocoa and cocoa preparations
Articles admitted in small quantities only
Chapter 19                    Preparations of cereals, flour, starch or milk; pastrycooks' products
Articles admitted in small quantities only
Chapter 20                    Preparations of vegetables, fruit, nuts or other parts of plants
■ Prohibited articles
Chapter 21                    Miscellaneous edible preparations
Articles admitted conditionally – only following inspection and authorization by the Health Department physician
Chapter 22                    Beverages, spirits anvinegar
Articles admitted conditionally – only in very limited quantities, and with an alcohol content below 23%
Chapter 23                    Residues and waste from the food industries; prepared animal fodder
Articles admitted conditionally – only following inspection and authorization - only 2 dispatches per year
Chapter 24                    Tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes
■ Prohibited articles
Section V                      Mineral products
Chapter 25                    Salt; sulphur; earths and stone; plastering materials, lime and cement
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part III
Chapter 26                    Ores, slag and ash
■ Prohibited articles

Chapter 27                    Mineral fuels, mineral o ils and products of their distillati  on; bituminous substances; mineral waxes
■ Prohibited articles
Section VI                     Products of the chemical or allied industries
Chapte28                    Inorganic chemicals; organic or inorganic compounds of precious metals, of rare-earth metals, of radioactive elements oof isotopes
■ Articles admitted conditionally
Chapter 29                    Organic chemicals
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part II
Chapter 30                    Pharmaceutical products
Articles admitted conditionally – only if the product is not registered in Italy and does not require refrigeration
Chapter 31                    Fertilizers
■ Prohibited articles
Chapter 32                    Tanning or dy eing e xtracts; ta nnins a nd the ir derivatives; dyes, pigments and other colouring matter; paints and varnishes; putty and other mastics; inks
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part II
Chapter 33                    Essential oils and resinoidsperfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part II
Chapter 34                    Soap, o rganic su rface-active ag ents, w ashing preparations, lu bricating preparations, artificial waxes, p repared w axes, p olishing  or  scouring  preparations, can dles an d similar articles, modelling pastes, "dental waxes" andental preparations with a basis oplaster
■ Prohibited articles – organic surfactants and lubricating preparations
Chapter 35                    Albuminoidal substances; modified starches; glues; enzymes
■ Prohibited articles
Chapte36                    Explosives;   pyrotechnic   products;   matches; py  rophoric a  lloys; c  ertain c  ombustible preparations
■ Prohibited articles
Chapter 37                    Photographic or cinematographic goods
■ Articles admitted conditionally – See Part II

Chapter 38                    Miscellaneous chemical products
■ Articles admitted conditionally – provided that the label is written in Latin characters – COSMETICS – only two pieces per item
Section VII                    Plastics and articles thereof; rubber and articles thereof
Chapter 39                    Plastics and articles thereof
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part II
Chapter 40                    Rubber and articles thereof
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part II
Section VIII                   Raw hides and skins, leather, furskins and articles thereof; saddlery and harness; travel goods, handbags and similar containers; articles of animal gut (other than silk-worm gut)
Chapter 41                    Raw hides and skins (other than furskins) and leather
■ Articles admitted conditionally – Indicate the CITES number – only 2 dispatches per year
Chapter 42                    Articles of leather;    saddlery and harness; trav  el goods,   handbags and sim ilar containers;
articles of animal gut (other than silk-worm gut)
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 43                    Furskins and artificial fur; manufactures thereof
Heading         HS Code           ■ Prohibited articles
43.01-04   4301.04       The following h.n., are prohibited as imports from any country: 43017010 – 43021941 – 43023051 –
Section IX                     Wood and articles of wood; wood charcoal; cork and articles of cork; manufactures of strawof esparto oootheplaiting materials; basketware andwickerwork
Chapter 44                    Wood and articles of wood; wood charcoal
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part II
Chapter 45                    Cork and articles of cork
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part II
Chapter 46                    Manufactures of strawof esparto oof other plaiting materials; basketware anwickerwork
Objects admitted without conditions

Section X                      Pulp of wood or of other fibrous c ellulose ma terial; w aste a nd s crap of pa per or pa perboard;
paper and paperboard and articles thereof
Chapter 47                    Pulp of wood or of other fibrous cellulose material; waste and scrap of paper or paperboard
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 48                    Paper and paperboard; articles of paper pulp, of paper or of paperboard
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part II
Chapte49                    Printed books, newspapers, pictureand other products of the printing indus try; manuscripts, typescripts anplans
Objects admitted without conditions
Section XI                     Textiles and textile articles
Chapter 50                    Silk
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 51                    Wool, finor coarse animal hair; horsehair yarn anwoven fabric
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 52                    Cotton
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 53                    Othevegetable textile fibres; papeyarn and woven fabrics of papeyarn
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 54                    Man-made filaments
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 55                    Man-made staple fibres
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 56                    Wadding, felt and non-wovens; special y arns; tw ine, c ordage, rope s a nd c ables a nd a rticles thereof
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 57                    Carpets another textile floor coverings
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 58                    Special woven fabrics; tufted textile fabrics; lace; tapestries; trimmings; embroidery
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapte59                    Impregnated, coatedcovered or la minated t extile fab rics; textile articles o f a kin d su itable fo r industrial use
Objects admitted without conditions

Chapter 60                    Knitted or crocheted fabrics
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 61                    Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, knitted or crocheted
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 62                    Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, not knitted or crocheted
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 63                    Other madup textile articles; sets; worn clothing anworn textile articles; rags
Objects admitted without conditions
Section XII                    Footwear, headgear, umbre llas, sun umbrellas, w alking-sticks, seat-sticks, w hips, riding-crops and p arts th ereof; p repared feath ers an d articles made therewith; artifici al flo wers; articles o f human hair
Chapter 64                    Footwear, gaiters and the like; parts of such articles
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part III
Chapter 65                    Headgear anparts thereof
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 66                    Umbrellas, suumbrellas, walking-sticks, seat-sticks, whips, riding-crops and parts thereof
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part III
Chapter 67                    Prepared feathers andown and articles made of feathers or of down; artificial flowers; articles of human hair
Objects admitted without conditions
Section XIII                   Articles of stone, plaster, cement, asbestos , mica or similar material s; ceramic products; glass and glassware
Chapter 68                    Articles of stone, plaster, cement, asbestos, mica or similar materials
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 69                    Ceramic products
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part III
Chapter 70                    Glass anglassware
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part III

Section XIV                   Natural or c ultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals, metals clad with precious metal and articles thereof; imitation jewellery; coin
Chapter 71                    (Sole chapter)
Objects admitted without conditions
Section XV                    Base metals and articles obase metal
Chapter 72                    Iron and steel
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part III
Chapter 73                    Articles of iroor steel
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part III
Chapter 74                    Copper and articles thereof
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 75                    Nickel and articles thereof
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 76                    Aluminium and articles thereof
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part III
Chapter 77                    (Reserved fopossible future use in thharmonized system)
Chapter 78                    Lead and articles thereof
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part III
Chapter 79                    Zinc and articles thereof
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part III
Chapter 80                    Tin and articles thereof
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 81                    Other base metals; cermets; articles thereof
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part III

Chapter 82                    Tools, implements, cutlery, spoons and forks, of base metal; parts thereof of base metal
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 83                    Miscellaneous articles obase metal
Objects admitted without conditions
Section XVI                   Machinery and mechani cal appliances; electrical equipm  ent; parts thereof; sound recorders and re producers, te levision ima ge a nd s ound re corders a ndre producers, a nd  parts  and accessories of such articles
Chapter 84                    Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts thereof
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part III
Chapte85                    Electrical ma chinery a nd e quipment a nd pa rts the reof;  sound  recorders  and  reproducers, television image and sound reco  rders and reproducers, and  parts and accessories   of such articles
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part III
Section XVII                  Vehicles, aircraft, vessels and associated transport equipment
Chapter 86                    Railway o r tramw ay lo comotives, ro lling-stock an d p arts th ereof; railw ay o r tramway track fixtures an d fittin gs an d p arts th ereof; mech anical (including e lectro-mechanical) traffic signalling equipment of all kinds
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 87                    Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling-stock, anparts and accessories thereof
■ Articles admitted conditionally
See Part III
Chapter 88                    Aircraft, spacecraft, anparts thereof
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 89                    Ships, boats and floating structures
Objects admitted without conditions
Section XVIII                 Optical, photographic, ci nematographic, measuring, checking,  precision, medical or surgical instruments an d ap paratus; clo cks an d watches; mu sical instruments; p arts an d accesso ries thereof
Chapter 90                    Optical, photographic, cine matographic, measuring, checking,  precision, medical or surgical instruments and apparatus; parts and accessories thereof
Objects admitted without conditions
Chapter 91                    Clocks anwatches anparts thereof
Objects admitted without conditions

Chapter 92                    Musical instruments; parts and accessories of such articles
Objects admitted without conditions
Section XIX                   Arms and ammunition; parts and accessories thereof
Chapter 93                    (Sole chapter)
Articles admitted conditionally – firearms, bladed weapons and parts, only with licence – only 40 dispatches per year. Knives and essential parts including air guns, below 7joules only if accompanied by police authorization.
Section XX                    Miscellaneous manufactured articles
Chapter 94                    Furniture; bedding, mattr esses, mattress supports, cushions a nd similar stuffed furnishings; lamps and lighting fittings, not elsew here specified or included; illumi nated signs, illuminated name-plates and the like; prefabricated buildings
Articles  admitted  conditionally  –  only  if  carrying  the  CE  mark  and,  for  helmets,  with  crash  test certification
Chapter 95                    Toys, games and sports requisites; parts and accessories thereof
Articles  admitted  conditionally  –  only  if  carrying  the  CE  mark  and,  for  helmets,  with  crash  test certification
Chapter 96                    Miscellaneous manufactured articles
Articles  admitted  conditionally  –  only  if  carrying  the  CE  mark  and,  for  helmets,  with  crash  test certification
Section XXI                   Works of art, collectors' pieces and antiques
Chapter 97                    (Sole chapter)
Heading         HS Code           ■ Prohibited articles
97.05                             Hunting trophies (for countries which are not part of the European Community).

Part II:
Conditions of admission of articles imported or in transit
Chapter 27: Mineral fuels, mineral  oils and products  of their distillation;   bituminous  substances;  mineral waxes
The import of coke of coal and coke of lignite as well as of certain oils intended for use as fuel or fuels, from China (People's Rep.), Viet Nam, Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, is subject tothe presentation to Customs of an ad hoc authorization from the Ministry of External Trade.
Chapter 28 and 29: Organic and inorganic  chemicals;   organic  or inorganic  compounds  of precious  metals, of rare­
earth metals, of radioactive  elements  or of isotopes
The import of the products listed below as classified in chapter 28 and the import of the products which come under chapter 29 is subject to quantitative restrictions if these products come fromcertain third countries (Oem People's Rep. of Korea, China (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam):
Sodium hydroxide                                            h.n.     2815
Aluminium oxide                                               h.n.     2818
Chromium trioxide                                            h.n.     2819
Lead oxides                                                      h.n.     2824
Ammonium chloride                                         h.n.     2827
Sulphates of aluminium and of chromium        h.n.     2833
Aluminium bisulphate                                       h.n.     283330
Perborate of soda                                            h.n.     2840
Organic compounds of radioactive isotopes    h.n.     2844
Hydrogen peroxide                                           h.n.     2847
Chapter 31: Fertilizers
For the import of fertilizer (h.n. 3102-3105) monitoring measures are applied if it comes from certain countries (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) and quantitative restrictions if it isfrom other third countries (Oem People's Rep. of Korea, China (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam).
Chapter 32: Tanning  or dyeing extracts
The import of colouring matter (h.n. 3260610 to 320650) is subject to quantitative restrictions if it is from Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia and Viet Nam.
Chapter 33: Essential  oils, etc.
Quantitative restrictions are laid down for the import of essential oils of citrus fruit (h.n. 3301) from Lebanon, Syrian Arab Rep., Liberia, Central and South AmericaUnited States of America,Canada and Korea (Rep.).
Chapter 36: Import  of explosives;  pyrotechnic  products;   matches;  pyrophoric  alloys;  certain  combustible preparations
Responsibility for issuing licences for such materialswhichever category the explosive comes under, is assigned by article 54 of the Catalogue of Public Security Laws to the Ministry of theInterior.
The provisions of articles 38 and 39 of the Statutory Instrument (article 93 Reg) are applied to applications and import licences for these materials.
The licence may be granted only if the explosive has not been previously recognized and classified under the terms of article
54 of the Catalogue of Public Security Laws.
The licence includes authorization to transport the imported explosives to the place of destination. We would recall the obligation to obtain the prior authorization of the Public SecurityAuthorities of the place of destination; if the materials are imported in very large quantities, the Public Security Authorities of the transit provinces must be notified in good time.
Transit of explosivespyrotechnic productsmatchespyrophoric alloys; certain combustible preparations
A licence from the Prefect of the Province through which the materials enter the State is required, under the terms of the last paragraph of article 54 of the Catalogue of Public Security Laws.
This authorization must be issued even if material is involved transport of which is not subject to a police licence under the terms of articles 91 and 96 of the above Statutory Instrument.

Chapter 37: Photographic or cinematographic  products
There are quantitative restrictions on the import of films for X-ray machines and other films (h.n. 3702), non-sensitized photographic paper (h.n. 3703) and non-developed plates (h.n. 3704) onlyif they come from Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam.
Chapter 38: Miscellaneous chemical  products
The quantitative restrictions on the import of products listed in this chapter are confined to products from Oem People's Repof Korea, China (People's Rep.), Mongolia, Viet Nam and any otherthird country if they are products that reduce the ozone layer (EEC Reg 594/91).
Chapter 39: Plastics  and articles  thereof
There are quantitative restrictions on the import of petroleum resins, etc (h.n. 3911) and derivatives of cellulose (h.n. 3912-
3915), tubes of plastics (h.n. 3917) and other plates, sheets, film, etc of cellulose (h.n3920-3921),  if they come from China
(People's Rep.), Mongolia, Oem People's Rep. of Korea and Viet Nam.
Chapter 40: Rubber and articles  thereof
For the import of products listed under some headings in this chapter, such as 4002 - 4005 - 4011 - 4012 - 4013quantitative restrictions are imposed if these products come from OemPeople's Rep. of KoreaChina (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam.
Chapter 41: Raw hides and skins  (other than furskins)  and leather
The import of bovine skins and leather (h.n. 4104) from China (People's Rep.), Mongolia, Oem People's Rep. of Korea and
Viet Nam is subject to ministerial authorization.
Chapter 44: Wood and articles  of wood;  wood charcoal
There are quantitative restrictions on the import of certain woods from China (People's Rep.), Mongolia, Oem People's Rep.
of Korea and Viet Nam, classified under the following headings: 44071030 - 44072131 - 44072231 - 44072330 - 44079131 -
44079230 - 44079910 - 44101010 - 44101030 - 441230.
Chapter 45: Cork and articles  of cork
Quantitative restrictions are laid down exclusively for products from Mongolia, Oem People's Rep. of Korea and Viet Nam, classified under the following h.n: 45011000 - 45019000 - 45020000.
Chapter 48: Paper and paperboard;  articles  of paper pulp, of paper or of cardboard
There are quantitative restrictions on numerous products classified under the h.n. of this chapter if they come from Mongolia, Oem People's Rep. of Korea or Viet Nam.
Admitted when accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate:
1 Plants intended for cultivation, except aquarium seeds and plants, but including the seeds of cruciferae, graminae, Trifolium supp.,  from Argentina, AustraliaBolivia, Chile, New Zealand andUruguay, Capsicum   SPP.,  Medicago   sativa  L.Prunus  L.Rubus  L., Oryza  spp.,  Zea mays  L., Allium  cepa  L.Allium  porrum  L., Allium  schoenoprasum    L. and Phaseclus   L.
2  Parts of plants, except the fruit and the seeds of:
-     Castanea  Mill., Dendranthema    (DC)  Des. Maul.,  Dianthus   L.Pelargonium   /'Herit  ex Ait,  Phoenix  spp.,  Populus  L.,
Quercus  L.;
-    conifers (Coniferales);
-     Acer  saccharum   Marsh.,  from North America;
-     Prunus  L.from non-European countries.
3  Fruits of:
-     Citrus  L.Fortunella   Swingle,  Poncirus   Raf,  and their hybrids;
-     Annona  L.Cydonia  Mill., Dyospyros   L., Malus  Mill.,  Mangifera   L., Passiflora   L., Prunus  L., Psidium  L., Pyrus  L.Ribes  L.,
Syzygium  Gaertn.  and Vaccinium   L., from non-European countries.
4  Tubers of Solanum  tuberosum   L.
5  Bark, separated from the trunk, of:
-    conifers (Coniferales);
-     Acer  saccharum   Marsh.,  Castanea   Mill., Populus  L. and Quercus  L.except for the species Quercus  suber  L.
6 Wood which has been obtained in whole or in part from one of the following orders, genera or species:
-     Castanea  Mill.;
-     Castanea  Mill.,  Quercus  L.including wood which has not retained its natural rounded surface, from North America;
-     Platanus,   including wood which has not retained its natural rounded surface;

-     conifers (Coniferales), except the genus Pinus  L., from non-European countries, including wood which has not retained its natural rounded surface;
-    Prunus L., including wood which has not retained its natural rounded surface;
-    Populus L., from the American continent;
Acer saccharum Marsh., including wood which has not retained its natural rounded surface, from North America. ex 4401 10 Fuel wood in logs, in billets, in twigsin faggots or insimilar forms.
ex 4401 21 Wood in chips or particles:
coniferous, from non-European countriesex 4401 22 Wood in chips or particles:
-    non-coniferous.
ex 4401 30 Wood waste and shavings, not agglomerated in logs, briquettes, pellets or similar forms. ex 4403 20 Wood in the rough, whether or not stripped of bark orsapwood, or roughly squared:
-     not treated with paint, stains, creosote or other preservatives, of conifers from non-European countries. ex 440391  Wood in the rough, whether or not stripped of bark orsapwood, or roughly squared:
-    not treated with paint, stains, creosote or other preservatives;
-    of oak (Quercus spp.).
ex 440399  Wood in the rough, whether or not stripped of bark or sapwoodor roughly squared:
-    non treated with paint, stains, creosote or other preservatives;
-    not of conifers, of oak (Quercus spp.) or of beech (Fagus spp.).
ex 4404 10 Split poles, pickets and stakes of wood, pointed but not sawn lengthwise:
-    non-coniferous, from non-European countries.
ex 440420  Split poles, pickets and stakes of wood, pointed but not sawn lengthwise:
-    non-coniferous.
ex 4406 10 Railway or tramway sleepers (cross-ties):
-    not impregnated.
ex 4407 10 Wood sawn or chipped lengthwise, sliced or peeled, not planed, sanded or finger-jointed, of a thickness exceeding
6 mm, particularly beams, planks, parts of composite beams, shingles:
of conifers, from non-European countries.
ex 440791  Wood sawn or chipped lengthwise, sliced or peeled, not planed, sanded or finger-jointed, of a thickness exceeding
6 mm, particularly beams, planks, parts of composite beams, shingles:
-    of oak (Quercus spp.).
ex 440799  Wood sawn or chipped lengthwise, sliced or peelednot planed, sanded or finger-jointed, of a thickness exceeding
6 mm, particularly beams, planks, parts of composite beams, shingles:
-    non-coniferousof tropical woods, of oak (Quercus spp.) or of beech (Fagus spp.).
ex 441510  Cases, crates and drums of wood, from non-European countries.
ex 4415 20 Pallets, box pallets and other load boards of wood, from non-European countries. ex 4416 00 Wooden barrels, including cooper's wood, of oak(Quercus spp.).
Exceptions may also be allowed for pallets and box pallets (H.S. code ex 441520)  if they conform to the standards set for UIC
pallets and bear the mark thereof.
(a) Soil and soil for cultivation consisting in whole or in part of soil and solid organic substances, such as parts of plants, humus, possibly containing peat or bark, but not consisting solely ofpeat.
(b) Soil or soil for cultivation, adhering to or associated with plants, consisting in whole or in part of the materials mentioned in (a), or consisting in whole or in part of peat or solid inorganicsubstances designed to strengthen the vitality of plants, from Turkey, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine and non-European countries, except Cyprus,Egypt, Israel, Libyan Jamahiriya, Malta, Morocco and Tunisia.

II. Plants, plant products and other potential carriers of harmful organisms relating to certain protected areas
With  the exception  of the  plants,  products   and  other  items  mentioned   in Section  I.
Plants  of Beta vulgaris L., intended  for animal  feed  and  industrial   use.
2  Soil  and unsterilized   residue  of red beetroot   (Beta Vulgaris L.).
3  Live  pollen  for pollination   of Chaenomeles Lindl., CotoneasterEhrh., Crataegus L., Cydonia Mill.Eriobotrya Lindl.Malus Mill., Mespilus L., Pyracantha RoemPyrus L., Sorbus L., except  thespecies   Sorbus intermedie (Ehrh.) Pers., and  Stranvaesia Lindl.
4  Parts  of plants,  except  the fruits  and  seeds  of Chaenomeles Lindl., Cotoneaster Ehrh., Crataegus L., Cydonia Mill.Eriobotrya Lindl.Malus Mill., Mespilus L.Pyracantha Roem., Pyrus L.,Sorbus L.except  the  species   Sorbus intermedia (Ehrh.) Pers., and  Stranvaesia Lindl.
5  Seeds  of Oolichos Jacq., Mangifera spp., Beta Vulgaris L. and Phaeseolus vulgaris L.
6  Seeds  and fruits  (Capsules) of Gossypium spp.
7  Wood  which:
(a) has  been obtained   in whole  or in part from  conifers  (Coniferales), except  the genus  Pinus L. from  third  European   countries; (b) corresponds   to one  of the following   designations   as given  inannex  I, Part"    of EEC regulation   No 2658/87.
ex 4401  10 Fuel wood  in logs,  in billets,  in twigs,  in faggots   or in similar  forms. ex 4401  21 Wood  in chips  or particles.
ex 4401  30 Wood  waste  and shavings,   not agglomerated    in logs,  briquettes,   pellets  or similar  forms.
ex 440320   Wood  in the  rough,  whether   or not stripped  of bark  or sapwood,   or roughly  squared:
-     not treated  with  paint,  stains,  creosote   or other  preservatives.
ex 4404  10 Split poles,  pickets  and  stakes  of wood,  pointed  but not sawn  lengthwise. ex 4406  10 Railway  or tramway  sleepers   (cross-ties):
-     not impregnated.
ex 4407  10 Wood  sawn  or chipped  lengthwise,   sliced  or peeled,  not planed,  sanded  or finger-jointed,    of a thickness   exceeding
mm,  particularly   beams,  planks,  parts  of composite   beams,  shingles.
ex 4415  10 Cases,  crates  and drums  of wood.
ex 4415  20 Pallets,  box pallets  and other  load  boards  of wood.
Exceptions   may also  be allowed  for pallets  and box pallets  (H.S.  code  ex 441520)    if they  conform  to the standards   set for  UIC
pallets  and bear the mark  thereof.
8  Parts  of plants  of Persea americana P. Mill., and Eucalyptus I'Herit.
Chapter 93: Import of common arms
To import  into the State  firearms  in common   use, a licence  must  be obtained  from the "Questore" (Chief  of Police)  under article  31 of the Catalogue   of Public  Security   Laws.
Any  person,  not in possession   of a licence  to manufacture   or trade  in arms,  intending  to import  more  than  three  common firearms   in anyone   calendar  year  must,  under  the terms  of article  12 of Law 110/1975,  obtain  not only a licence  from  the  Chief of Police  but also a special  licence  from  the  Prefect  of the  Province  in which  that  person  is resident.
If the  material  for import  comes  from  certain  countries,   for which  known  procedural   limitations   apply,  the Chief  of Police  or the
Prefect  of the Province  must obtain  the  authorization   of the Ministry  of the  Interior  before  issuing  the prescribed   police  permit.
Arms and munitions of war
With  regard  to the import  of semi-automatic    firearms  and their  ammunition,   regarded  as being  war  material  under  the current legislation,   responsibility   is allocated  to the  Ministry  of the  Interior  under the terms  of article  28§ 2, of the Catalogue   of Public Security  Laws.
Transit of common arms
Authority   is assigned  to the Chief of Police  of the frontier  province  through  which  the arms  are imported,   under  the terms of article  48, § 2, of the Statutory  Instrument   of the Catalogue   ofPublic  Security  Laws.
We  would  recall  in this  connection   the  provisions   of article  46 of that Statutory   Instrument.
Arms and munitions of war and similar
Responsibility   lies with the Ministry  of the  Interior.  For cases  covered  by article  16 of Law No 185/1990,   see below.

War material
Pursuant to the provisions published by telegraphic circular No 559/C.16663.10100(16) of 8 August last, if the transporters
of the material mentioned in article 16 cross several provinces of the national territory, authorization must be given only by the
Prefect of the Province through which the material is introduced. The latter will inform the Prefects of the transit Provinces
of the authorized transit of the transporter.
If the material is transported by boat which is scheduled to call at several Italian ports, authorization will be given only by the Prefect of the Province in which the first port of call is situated,provided that the vessel does not leave territorial waters. As in the previous case, the Prefect of the Province of entry will inform the Prefects of the Provinces concerned of the transit.
Under the provisions of article 16, § 3, the Prefect's advance notice must be communicated at least three days before the vessel enters territorial waters.

Part III:
Special provisions, Customs and other
Chapter  25: Salt, sulphur,  earths and stone,  plastering  materials,  lime and cement
The import of the products classified under the headings listed below, from countries mentioned opposite each heading, is subject to the presentation to Customs of an ad hoc licence issued bythe Ministry of External Trade.
H.n. 2523 1000      Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.), Viet Nam, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
H.n. 25233000       Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.), Viet Nam, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
H.n. 252390           Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.), Viet Nam, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
H.n. 2529 1000      Oem People's Rep. of Korea, MongoliaChina (People's Rep.), Viet Nam, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
H.n. 25292100       Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, Viet Nam, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia H.n. 25292200       Oem People's Rep. of KoreaMongolia, Viet Nam,the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia H.n. 2529 3000      Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, Viet Nam, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Chapter  64: Footwear, etc.
The import of the following products, classified by h.n., from the countries mentioned opposite, is subject to the presentation to Customs of an ad hoc ministerial authorization issued by the Ministryof External Trade.
H.n.6401             Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam


Oem People's Repof Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam
Oem People's Rep. of Korea, MongoliaChina (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam
Oem People's Rep. of KoreaMongolia, China (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam

Chapter  66: Umbrellas, etc.
Chapter  69: Ceramic products  - Terra cotta tiles
The import of the following products, classified by h.n., from the countries mentioned opposite, is subject to the presentation to Customs of an ad hoc ministerial authorization issued by the Ministryof External Trade.
H.n. de 6601 1000 to 6601 9990    Oem People's Repof Korea, China (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam

H.n. 6904 1000 to 6904 9000
H.n. 6908 90
H.n. 6910 1000
H.n. 69109000
H.n. 6911 1000
H.n. 6911 9000
Chapter 70: Glass and glassware

Oem People's Rep. of Korea, China (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam Oem People's Rep. of Korea, China (People's Rep.)Mongolia and Viet Nam Oem People's Rep. of Korea,China (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam Oem People's Rep. of Korea, China (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam Oem People's Rep. of Korea, China (People's Rep.),Mongolia and Viet Nam Oem People's Rep. of Korea, China (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam Oem People's Rep. of Korea, China (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam OemPeople's Rep. of Korea, China (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam

The import of the following products, classified by h.n., from the countries mentioned opposite, is subject to the presentation to Customs of an ad hoc ministerial authorization issued by the Ministryof External Trade.
H.n. 7003 1190                       Oem People's Rep. of Korea, China (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam H.n. 7003 1990                       Oem People's Rep. of Korea, China(People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam H.n. 700320                            Oem People's Repof Korea, China (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam H.n. 700330                           Oem People's Rep. of KoreaChina (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam H.n.7004                                 Oem People's Repof Korea, China (People's Rep.), Mongolia and VietNam H.n. 7005 10                          Oem People's Rep. of Korea, China (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam H.n. de 700521 to 7005 30    Oem People's Rep. of Korea, China(People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam


H.n. 70060090
H.n. 700800
H.n. 70169010
H.n. 70169030
Chapter 72: Iron and steel

Oem People's Repof KoreaChina (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam Oem People's Repof KoreaChina (People's Rep.)Mongolia and Viet Nam Oem People's RepofKoreaChina (People's Rep.)Mongolia and Viet Nam Oem People's Repof Korea, China (People's Rep.), Mongolia and Viet Nam

Chapter 73: Articles  of ironor  steel
Chapter 76: Aluminium   and articles  thereof
As a general rule, the import of the products classified under the headings in these chapters, from zone "8" countriesis subject to the presentation to Customs of an ad hoc ministerialauthorization issued by the Ministry of External Trade.
In particular, the economic prohibitions to which these products are subject apply after evaluation on a case to case basis of the characteristics of the composition of the merchandise.
Chapter 78: Lead and articles  thereof
Chapter 79: Zinc and articles  thereof
The import of the following products, classified by h.n., from the countries mentioned opposite, is subject to the presentation to Customs of an ad hoc ministerial authorization issued by theMinistry of External Trade.
H.n. from 7804 to 7805     Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, Viet Nam

H.n. 79040000
H.n. 79050011
H.n. 79050090

Oem People's Repof KoreaMongolia, Viet Nam Oem People's Repof KoreaMongolia, Viet Nam Oem People's Rep. of KoreaMongoliaVietNam Oem People's Rep. of KoreaMongolia, Viet Nam Oem People's Rep. of Korea, MongoliaViet Nam
Oem People's Rep. of KoreaMongolia, Viet Nam

H.n. 79079000                  Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, Viet Nam
Chapter 81: Other base metals, etc.
Quantitative restrictions are imposed on the import of the products listed under the following headings, if they come from the countries mentioned opposite:
unwrought magnesium
H.n.8104                        Oem People's Repof Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.), Viet Nam;
unwrought antimony
H.n. 81100011                Oem People's Repof KoreaMongoliaViet Nam.
Chapter 84: Nuclear reactors,  etc.
The import of the following products is subject to the presentation to Customs of an ad hoc authorization issued by the Ministry of External Trade:
-           engines and parts thereof (h.n. from 8407 31 to 8409) from Oem People's Repof KoreaMongolia, China (People's Rep.)Viet Nam and Japan (only engines for automobiles, motorcyclesand mopeds);
-    aircraft engines (h.nfrom 8407 1010 to 8407 1090) Oem People's Rep. of North KoreaMongoliaChina (People's Rep.)Viet Nam and Japan;
-    printing machinerymachines for uses ancillary to printing (h.nfrom 8443 1100 to 8493 9090) from Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam;
-    sewing machines (h.nfrom 8452 1000 to 8452 9000) from Oem People's Rep. of KoreaMongoliaChina (People's Rep.)
and Viet Nam;
-    typewriters (h.n. 8469) from Oem People's Repof Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam;
-    ball or roller bearings (h.n. 8492) from Oem People's Repof KoreaMongoliaChina (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam.

Chapter 85: Electrical  machinery  and equipment  and parts thereof,  etc.
The import of the following productsclassified by h.n.from the countries mentioned opposite, is subject to an authorization issued by the Ministry of External Trade:
H.n8525 30          Japan H.n. 8527               Japan H.n. 8528               Japan H.n. 8540              Japan H.n. 8542               Japan
H.n. 8543 1000      Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam
H.n. 854380           Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam H.n. 8545 9010      Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, China(People's Rep.) and Viet Nam H.n. 8546 9010      Oem People's Repof Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam
Chapter 87: Vehicles,  other than railway or tramway  rolling-stock,   and parts and accessories  thereof
The import of almost all the products classified in this chapterfrom Japanis subject to presentation of an ad hoc ministerial authorization. Furthermore, quantitative restrictions are set for theproducts coming under the h.nlisted below, from the countries mentioned opposite each one:
H.n. 8102 10                                      Zone "8" countries H.n. 810290                                       Zone "8" countries H.n. 870310                                      Zone "8" countries H.n. 870331                                       Zone "8" countries H.n.870390                                       Zone "8" countries H.n. 8704 10                                      Zone "8" countries H.n.870421                                       Zone "8" countries H.n. 870422                                       Zone "8" countries H.n.870423                                       Zone "8" countries H.n. 810431                                       Zone "8" countries H.n. 810432                                       Zone "8" countries H.n. 870490                                       Zone "8" countries H.n.8705                                            Zone "8" countries H.n8706 (chassis)                            Zone "8" countries H.n. 8707 90(bodies)                        Zone "8" countries H.n870790                                       Zone "8" countries H.n. 8708 (parts andaccessories)    Zone "8" countries H.n. 8711 10 (motorcycles)               Zone "8" countries H.n8711 20                                     Zone "8" countries H.n. 8711 30                                      Zone "8" countries
H.n8711 4000                                  Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam H.n. 8711 5000                                  Oem People's Repof Korea,Mongolia, China (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam H.n. 8712 0010 (bicycles)                  Oem People's Repof Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam H.n. 87120090 (bicycles)                  Oem People's Rep. of Korea, Mongolia, China (People's Rep.) and Viet Nam H.n. 8714 (parts, accessories)           Oem People's Repof Korea, Mongolia, China(People's Rep.) and Viet Nam

Customs clearance procedures
A detailed description of all the documents required for smooth, rapid customs clearance, in compliance with the published delivery standards, is provided below:
UPU CN 23 customs declaration form (completed in English, French or Italian);
2   clear and detailed description of all merchandise contained in items (in English, French or Italian)For example1 pair of leather shoes, 2 cotton shirts5 cashmere sweaters, 8 CDs;
3   for commercial items: invoice or pro forma invoice in English, French or Italian;
4   the declared value of the merchandise, which must be the same on all forms and invoices (the declared amount must be identical on all the various documents accompanying the parcel);
5   clear indication of the sender and addressee (full names and addresses, with telephone numbers if possible);
6   for commercial items addressed to private individuals: the addressee's tax code ("codice fiscale");
7   for commercial items addressed to businesses: the company's VAT registration number ("partita IVA");
8   if necessary: import licences and certificates. For certain types of goods or for the export of large volumes, customers must check with the trade organization or with the Italian Embassy in theircountry whether import licences are required and whether there are import limitations;
9   for medicines, a certificate from an Italian doctor of medicine or a health institute must be supplied, or will be requested from the addressee upon arrival.


Letter mail containing goods, as well as parcel and EMS , must be accompanied by customs declaration (CN22 or CN23 form).


All international postal items addressed to Campione d’Italia will be processed and delivered by the designated operator of Italy, and therefore included in the regular dispatches addressed to the relevant Italian international mail processing centres. Moreover, the only postcode admitted for such items will be the Italian postcode 22061 (Campione d’Italia, Italy).