In case if you have any complaint against the services provided by Georgian Post or are looking for the postal item sent by you, you are entitiled to present a reclamation.


In concection with what can I submit a reclamation? 

Reclamation can be submitted:

In connection with searching the postal item sent by you;

 In connection with indemnification of a damage – in case of losing a postal item, total or partial damage of the contents thereof or a fact of theft;

For incompliance with the standard terms of service provision.


Reclamations are reviewed for the registered postal items only. Exceptions are simple e-commerce items. 

Who can submit a reclamation?

A reclamation can be submitted by the postal item sender, addressee, sender’s/addressee’s legal representative acting on the basis of a written authorization, the person who has personally brought the item and the person having presented it (the person who has brough the postal item to Georgian Post for sending).     


In what amount of time will Georgian Post review the reclamation and provide the answer?

The term for reviewing reclamations for local postal items is a period from 10 business days to 1 month and for international postal items – from 1 month to 2 months.   


Where can I submit a reclamation?

To submit reclamations, you can address the Georgian Post central office or its any service center or send the application to our e-mail address:


What shall I do to register a reclamation electronically?

To register your reclamation, please print out and fill in the relevant application form (Georgian-English form; Georgian-Russian form), sign it and send us accompanied by copies of the required documents to the following e-mail address:

The application for reclamation should appear accompanied by:

A copy of the sender’s/addressee’s identification document. A copy of the identification document of the applicant. In case if the applicant is a legal representative of the sender/addressee, together with the identification document a duly executed letter of authorization should be presented as well (a copy thereof should be attached to the application); 

A receipt confirming payment of the cost of sending the postal item if the person submitting the reclamation is the item sender or the one having presented the item.



In the event if the postal item was received damaged or wish shortage, additional documentation is required to be presented as well – the latter will be composed at the service center at the moment of the postal item delivery to the addressee