Certificate of confirmation of provision of post services

Certificate of confirmation of performance of post service – this is a document which is issued on the grounds of an application by the postal item sender, addressee or their legal representative and contains information concerning the postal item sent/received through Georgian Post.

The certificate is issued is the form of a material document provided on the company letterhead paper, verified by an authorized person’s signature and date and assigned the reference number.



Where can I request the certificate?

To request the certificate you can address the Georgian Post central office or its any service center or send the request to our e-mail address: services@gpost.ge


What do I need to do to request the certificate electronically?

To request the certificate, please print out and fill in the relevant application form (Georgian-English form; Georgian-Russian form), sign it and send us accompanied by copies of the required documents to the following e-mail address:

The application for requesting the certificate should appear accompanied by:

A copy of the identification document. In case if the applicant is a legal representative of the sender/addressee, together with the identification document a duly executed letter of authorization should be presented as well;

A register issued by the company in which the code assigned to the postal item is provided. The document is required only when the applicant is the sender of the postal item, his/her legal representative or the person having presented the item;

A document confirming payment of the cost of the certificate issuance;

A document confirming the status of a socially unprotected person if the person is registered in the united database of the socially unprotected families (in such an event the certificate issued free of charge).



On how many postal items can I request the certificate with one application?

Physical persons are entitled to request information for 5 postal items with one application or for a one-month period (in such an event the number of postal items is not limited) while legal persons can request information for 5 postal items or for a 15-day period (in such an event the number of postal items is not limited). 

What does the certificate cost?

For physical persons the cost of the certificate is 5 GEL:

per each 5 postal items


per each period with up to 1 month of duration

If you are willing to receive the certificate at the address desirable for you, the cost of its sending in the amount of 2.5 GEL is added to the certificate cost.


For legal persons the cost of the certificate is - 7,5 GEL (legal persons get the certificate at the address desirable for them):

 per each 5 postal items;


 per each 15-day period.


Where can I pay the cost of the certificate?

In case if you address a service center with the request for the certificate, you can pay the cost at the same service center. In other cases the cost of the certificate is paid to the following bank requisites:

Beneficiary bank: JSC Bank of Georgia

Beneficiary bank code: BAGAGE22

Beneficiary: Georgian Post LLC

Beneficiary’s bank account number: GE13BG0000000123286800GEL

Objective: Fee for certificate issuing


What is the term in which I can get the certificate upon the application submission?

You will receive the certificate within 7 business days upon the submission of the relevant application.